franchise INVESTMENT

In addition to the initial Franchise Fee, the Franchise can expect to incur certain substantial costs in starting up a Franchise.

An estimate of cost is set forth below:

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Note 1

The average Larry's is 1,000 to 2,500 sq ft. This figure includes the average build out including tile and counter.


Note 2

This includes register, tables, chairs, restaurant equipment, computer and a fax machine.


Note 3

This includes the interior signage and deli decor, the logo exterior sign, pictures and teh menu board.


Note 4

This inventory is the initial order and can last the store anywhere from a week to two weeks; depending on the business the store does.


Note 5

This includes the pre-opening payroll, pre-opening advertising, utilities for the first month and incorporation fees (business licenses etc.)



Not all products shown are available in every restaurant. Price and participation will vary.

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