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What Makes Us Different?

Larry's Giant Subs has achieved growth and success with a continuing commitment to making the best sub sandwiches and using only the highest quality products. With a Larry's Giant Subs franchise you can own a business that has capitalized on a solid tradition and an excellent reputation for giving customers what they want; great food that is fresh, fast and affordable.

To give a little history, Larry and Mitchell Raikes opened the first Larry's Giant Subs in Jacksonville, Florida in 1982. With Larry's Giant Subs first store being an instant hit, Larry and Mitchell began franchising in 1986. In less than 8 years, Larry's Giant Subs became a major player in the sub business.

"I'm very proud of our franchise owners. They've helped make our company the best it can be. We offered extraordinary quality then, as we still do today. Our franchisees share our commitment to serving the very best. And we've all been successful using this simple formula." - Larry Raikes, Founder.

This system was designed by aspiring entrepreneurs and that is who it's tailored to fit. Co-founder Mitchell Raikes said it best: "We are only as good as the sandwich that comes across the counter and the smiling face that prepares and serves it. Take pride in what you do and be the best that you can be".

Big Quality

Larry's Giant Subs uses the finest quality products available and makes each order individually to suit the customer. We use only USDA Black Angus roast beef, premium hams (97% fat free), caramel roasted Golden Supreme turkey breast, real smoked provolone cheese and fresh baked breads. In fact, we proudly display our meats and cheeses in six-foot deli cases, slicing them daily in front of our customers.

Big Support Team

Larry's Giant Subs will thoroughly train you and your staff at one of our training stores and your own location. We won't turn you loose until you're an expert sandwich maker. We also have a training video and a 24-hour emergency hot line. Our support team will be accessible throughout your training and after you are open. Larry's will assist you in sight location, store design, equipment purchase and lease negotiations. We will also pass on to you the BIG price breaks we get through our national contracts with vendors. Once you're on board, we'll give you a confidential Operations Manual, which contains details of all aspects of the business (including our top trade secrets). We set you up for success - that's the bottom line!

Big Opportunity

Total investment range of $175,000-$254,000... live the American dream of owning your own business and controlling your financial destiny. You will be providing jobs and offering tasty, healthy food for hungry customers. Our royalty is 6%; one of the lowest in the industry. We offer quarterly rebates based on your volume. Because of our buying volume we receive quarterly rebates from our vendors. We are one of the very few that pass these rebates on to our Franchisees. This is another way that Larry's Giant Subs saves each franchise owner money. Simply put, we believe Larry's Giant Subs are the best you can buy. A better sandwich means a better opportunity for you. If you would like to own an exciting business in a growing market segment then a Larry's Giant Subs Franchise could be for you.

Initial Investments

In addition to the initial Franchise Fee, the Franchise can expect to incur certain substantial costs in starting up a Franchise.

An estimate of cost is set forth below:


Est. Cost Min/Max

When Due

Paid To


Initial Franchise Fee


Upon Signing of Agreement



Lease Hold Improvements

$55,000 - $95,000

Per Agreement


The average Larry's is 1,000 to 2,500 sq ft. This figure includes the average build out including tile and counter.

Security Deposit Management

$2,500 - $4,500

Upon Signing of Lease



Travel and Living Expenses While Training

$0 - $3,000

During Training

Airline, Hotel, etc.



$55,000 - $75,000

Prior to Opening


This includes register, tables, chairs, restaurant equipment, computer and a fax machine.

Signage and Decor

$24,000 - $30,000

Prior to Opening


This includes the interior signage and deli decor, the logo exterior sign, pictures and the menu board.


$5,000 - $5,500

Prior to Opening


This inventory is the initial order and can last the store anywhere from a week to two weeks; depending on the business the store does.


$3,500 - $6,000

as incurred

Vendors, Opening Costs, Employees, Utilities, Insurance

This includes the pre-opening payroll, pre-opening advertising, utilities for the first month and incorporation fees (business licenses etc.)

Working Capital (3 Months)

$10,000 - $15,000

as incurred

Vendors, (3 months) Employees, Utilities, etc.



$175,000 - $254,000




Common Questions

How much does a Larry's Franchise cost?

Currently, Larry's Franchise fee is Twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).

Can I remodel an existing structure?

Yes. Our only requirement is that all remodeling must be approved by our corporate office.

What is the royalty fee?

Larry's receives six percent (6%) royalty on gross sales, 2% for Regional advertising, and 1% for National advertising, exclusive of sales tax, as defined in the Franchise Agreement.

Will Larry's provide the site and construct the building for me?

We have a Site Selection process which will aid in your search for the best site in your area. We work with experienced brokers who will help you negotiate the best possible terms for your lease. While we assist in negotiating your lease, each franchisee will be the ultimate guarantor of the lease.

If I lease a building, will you design the store layout?

We work with architects who are familiar with our requirements and our layout. Each space is unique, so we work closely with the architects to ensure our high standards are met.

Do you limit Larry's Franchise to one unit per franchisee?

Larry's Franchises are available in single or multiple units, dependent upon the market and qualifications of the individuals concerned.

Is the Franchisee required to purchase all of his equipment and supply needs from Larry's?

As a Larry's Franchisee, you are obligated to purchase certain supplies, such as paper products: i.e., cups, napkins, sandwich wrap and sub bags with the Larry's logo. Larry's has a national contract with Sysco food services and they supply all of Larry's food and paper products. Larry's also has a national contract with Pepsi and Frito Lay distributors so that all Larry's Franchises receive the lowest pricing.

What pre-opening services do you offer and do you train Franchisee and Managers?

Prior to opening you will attend Larry's training program. Larry's has spent a great deal of time and effort developing its product and system and accepts no compromise in quality control. For this reason, we require Unit Managers to complete our 3 week, 120 hour training program and demonstrate mastery of certain basic skills. There is no tuition charge and this program has proven extremely beneficial. We will also go to your location for the first week you are open and help you with your Grand Opening.

Do you have a comprehensive manual for daily operation of the store?

Our confidential Operations Manual details the Larry's system for producing volume, maintaining product quality and exerting control over every aspect of daily operation in your store.

Does Larry's offer rebates?

Yes, Larry's is one of a few franchises that offer quarterly rebates. History shows that volume buying can add up to a substantial amount.

I'm interested! What do I do next?

Go to our Get Qualified section and follow instructions.



- Minimum street traffic count of 15,00 cars per day at a speed not to exceed 40MPH. Two way local traffic with a traffic light near the store is preferred. (The absence of a median is preferred).

- Easy access to parking.

- Store front visible from all directions. Signs for walking and driving customers.

- Driving, eating, shopping and working habits of the people and the neighborhood should be studied.

- Generally, subs are most frequently purchased by people of all ages.


Lease Provision

- Ten-year term with five-year option or five year term with (two) five year option. Clause stating that the lease shall be canceled if tenant is unable to receive all necessary permits.

-Rent start date ninety (90) days after landlord has approved tenant's architectural plans or when tenant opens for business with the public.

- Clause stating that throughout the lease when landlord's approval is needed, such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

- The lease terms and conditions are an important part of your investment. If there are any questions, review the lease with a real estate attorney prior to its execution.

- Leasehold improvements can be greatly educated if the landlord pays for the tenant's construction costs.

- Landlord approval or company signage.



The condition of the premises, utilities available and size/shape of the proposed store directly affect the capital outlay for leasehold improvements and their costs. The following are some minimum requirements, cautions and preferences:

- Storefront and width should be a minimum of twenty (20) feet allowing for a good seating arrangement.

- A minimum total of 1100 sq ft is required. 1350 sq ft is preferred and 1500 sq ft allows for the best possible serving and eating arrangement.

- Ceiling height should be a minimum of ten (10) feet which allows for indirect lighting for better product case and menu display.


The following utilities should be used:

- 300 amp electric delivered to a main disconnect switch with one 220 volt outlet.

- Hot and cold water with sufficient pressure, temperature and pipe size for store distribution.

- Two handicap accessible restrooms with floor drains.

- Complete heating and air conditioning system.


Guidelines for Larry's Giant Subs Locations

There are three types of stores, each having their own advantages and disadvantages:


In-line Store fronts. Corner store preferred

Types of stores with neighborhoods on either side, plus visibility to our store and very important. 

Convenience or strip shopping center

This type of center should have a large, high-volume supermarket entrance (or the highest traffic generator). Visibility to store front and parking convenience should be analyzed.

Enclosed Mall

Location is critical. Walking traffic flow and entrance / exits should be studied at various times of the day for flow patterns. Parking should be adequate, convenient and weather protected if possible. Close proximity to proposed store location is essential.


Generally speaking, in-line store fronts, convenience or strip shopping centers and enclosed malls, with the proper generators, and demographics are all good locations, providing the rent structure relates favorably to the gross volume.



The following customer generators should be available at various times of the day to satisfy the store hours which are 10:30am to 10:00pm seven days a week.

- Theaters in the immediate area with 4 to 6 showings at various times of the day. Quality restaurants, that don't primarily serve submarine sandwiches, should be in the immediate vicinity.

- Churches, schools, colleges, hospitals, office parks, high density residential areas and recreational facilities.

- Shoppers walking or driving past the store.

- Light, commercial daytime traffic from offices, hotels and other businesses in the immediate trading area is a plus.

- High rise apartments, garden apartments and multi-family homes are preferred in the immediate store vicinity to help increase population density.

- Bus stops and train entrances often generate people to the area. Study walking patterns of the commuters at various times of the day.

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